Training means good stewardship and more ministry

Training staff represents being a good steward of your staff resources. It’s making the most of what God has given you. And it’s proven to increase sales by 20 percent, which allows for more ministry. In order to support retailers, CBA has teamed up with The Friedman Group, an internationally-renowned retail training company, to provide training that is affordable, reliable, and available at your convenience.

CBA Retail Academy Online is a portal full of engaging training courses that address a vast variety of retail topics and are customizable to staff skill levels.

  • Increase sales and store traffic – customer experiences set your store apart
  • Easily train  – great for quickly ramping up new or temporary staff or volunteers
  • Support management – tools, templates, and customized leadership techniques

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

  • Independent retailers with little time to train
  • Church stores working with volunteers
  • Chain retailers looking for supplemental training
  • Retailers seeking to ramp up new or temporary staff quickly

Why worry about training? 

  • Training will enable you to love and serve those around you to the best of your ability.
  • Training is proven to increase revenue by 20% or more, which increases the opportunity to accomplish ministry.
  • Training helps you adapt to changing customer behavior.
  • Training helps you stay competitive by learning new, useful techniques.
  • Training helps your staff see opportunities to offer more faith-building support (such as offering highlighters with Bibles) instead of fearing “up-selling”

What’s available?

  • Courses packaged by topic that can be assigned to individual users.
  • Training content followed by assessments to complete. Users move to the next course when they receive at least 80% on their assessment.
  • Customizable templates for store policies and manuals.

How do I make the most of it?

  • Sign up online, naming an administrator who will be able to assign and monitor courses for all users.
  • Sign up each of your staff or volunteers with their own login. This way, you can assign individual staff members the courses that will benefit them the most.
  • Ask staff members to take one course per week and focus on implementing that piece of training that week.
  • Ask managers to take one management course and one selling course per week. Management courses cover topics including planning, recruiting, and hiring.

Where do I start?

  • Start with the Gold Star Selling course pack. It’s foundational and will help users get familiar with the platform.
  • Ask new staff to take the 10-day basic training.

When and where should the courses be taken?  

  • You might offer a training area in the back of your store. If you don’t have a computer to use, consider providing a tablet.
  • Staff might take courses during downtime in their shifts. They can always pause to work with a customer.
  • As the staff take courses onsite, they can immediately apply what they are learning. It is not advisable to ask them to take courses at home.
  • You might arrange morning meetings before opening for all staff to watch courses together and discuss.

How would it work with volunteers? 

  • Sign up each volunteer the same way you would staff members. They might start with the 10-day basic training.
  • Volunteers are giving of their time and talent. Training is a way for you to give back, showing an interest and investment in them.
  • When volunteers are equipped and prepared, they feel better about how their time is spent.

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Each user signed up by Sept. 8 will be entered to WIN a FREE YEAR of training!
Two winners will be announced on September 11, 2017.

First User (one-year plan) – $149.88/year ($12.49/month)
Additional Users (one-year plan) – $119.88/year ($9.99/month)
For the prices above to apply, sign up must be before September 8, 2017, and full payment must be made in advance.

When you sign up, you’ll select an administrator (the first user) who can assign and monitor courses for other individual users. Additional users make it possible for each individual staff member to have a personalized log-in and course assignments.

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Retail Academy Online

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