What is it?

Retail Academy Online is a portal full of engaging training courses to help you:

  • Increase sales and store traffic
  • Easily train staff
  • Support management 

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Only $149/year for up to three users.

When you sign up, you’ll select a program administrator (the first user) who can monitor courses for other individual users. Each user will have an individual login so courses can be assigned and progress tracked. If your staff changes, no problem. Logins can be transferred to different users within the year.

Manage Well

With Retail Academy Online, managers get tips, tricks, and templates for setting standards and maintaining accountability—without awkwardness.

Management topics include a manager’s role, setting and adjusting goals, performance metrics to track, non-negotiable standards, feedback conversations, recruiting tips, templates for policies and forms, and more!

A Little at a Time

“Gold Star Selling,” a six-course package, offers sales associates fundamentals for how to be relevant in today’s retail atmosphere. Tip: Assign one course per week (less than an hour each), and then focus on implementing the principles from that course that week. Don’t do it all in one sitting.  Learn a little and then put principles into practice.

Training means good stewardship and more ministry

Training staff represents making the most of what God has given you. And it’s proven to increase sales by at least 20 percent, which allows for more ministry.

In order to support retailers, CBA has teamed up with The Friedman Group, an internationally-renowned retail training company, to provide training that is affordable, reliable, and available at your convenience.

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Congratulations to Emily Powers of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and to Lydia Goede of Northern Canada Mission Distributors! They won a FREE year of Retail Academy Online for signing up by September 8!

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