Regal announces the new Regal for Women: God’s Word for a Woman’s World. Because Regal believes that women writing to women is a positive force for the Christian community and for publishing, Regal for Women will focus on publishing books that encourage transformative change in the lives of women of all ages. Books that go beyond platitudes to deep, rich, honest conversation about subjects women struggle with, have a passion for, and need to know more about.

Regal for Women is the first segment in Regal’s initiative to promote the great collection of authors they have to individual target audiences. Regal for Women features authors such as: Suzie Eller, Proverbs 31; Holly Wagner, Pastor, Oasis LA, Women of Faith speaker; Pam Stenzel, Enlighten Communications, Inc.; Lynn Donovan and Dineen Miller, Spiritually Mismatched Marriages; and a host of other women who want to be a part of making a woman’s world better.