UNITE 2018 value package takes customer reach to the next level.

What would your sales look like if your store messaging was able to reach an additional 1.3 billion shoppers?

Is it likely your foot traffic would increase if you were able to dialogue with an additional 400,000 shoppers in your community?

Most would agree, with numbers that high, sales would increase dramatically. After all, even a small percentage of those shoppers actually making a purchase could significantly effect monthly sales. What may surprise you, is that those numbers aren’t make-believe; they’re the latest statistics from Facebook.

Facebook stats show 1.3 billion people are active users on Facebook Messenger. And more than 400,000 people like or share sponsored content every day within a few-mile radius of every retail store in the United States.

Our ability to connect with customers has never been greater, but our ability to do so has never been more challenged. UNITE 2018 will bring solutions to overcome that challenge.


The expense of hiring a social media expert is often prohibitive to the bottom line, and adding to an already full schedule, few store or business owners have the skill to master the always-changing social media platforms.

And what about Chatbots? Ever heard of that? Most marketing experts agree Chatbots are one of the fastest growing and most successful ways to reach customers on Facebook. In fact, some experts predict Chatbots are the future of social media marketing because they allow stores (products) to have highly customized (and automated) interactions with prospects and customers.

There’s virtually no doubt that every store or product’s ability to reach customers and appeal to the sought-after millennial generation lies heavily in their ability to effectively work social media.

Whether it’s Facebook, websites, YouTube, or any other social media platform, knowing what to do can feel daunting. But with hundreds of thousands of potential customers waiting to be engaged, it’s also one of the greatest marketing opportunities that’s ever existed.


This year, CBA is helping UNITE 2018 attendees bridge the gap from “need to know” to “knowing how.” CBA strategic partner Eddie Roush is sponsoring social media experts from Dallas and Nashville to be at UNITE to help attendees learn and set up social media strategies that drive sales.

This year’s UNITE conference is a unique and never-before offered opportunity for storeowners and product sales teams to learn from the experts how to capitalize on a strong social media plan.

Experts will be on hand to help customize a step-by-step approach for CBA members and bring clarity to the challenging subject of how to effectively use social media to increase sales.

We’ll have more information about this first-ever UNITE service in the coming weeks and at CBAonline.org.

UNITE 2018 is at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, July 8-11. Be there to experience new opportunities to ignite your future.