In a special outreach to CBA members, The Parable Group is offering special rates for its SnapRetail e-mail and social-media marketing tool — monthly rates start as little as $20. Plus, the Parable Group is providing a free Email Append for CBA members as part of the SnapRetail sign-up package, which effectively adds e-mail addresses to a store’s physical mailing list. Email append fees will be waived for CBA members for 1,000 contacts processed (2,000 if signed up by Sept. 17).

Independent Christian-store retailers across all marketing groups have used the industry-wide SnapRetail service. It offers quick and easy ways for retailers to develop and send e-mail promotions and to connect to their customers through social media. Retailers can customize, send, and simultaneously post e-mails to Facebook and Twitter accounts, and e-mail images can be pinned to Pinterest accounts.

The Parable Group has provided more than 115,000 product images from more than 80 Christian suppliers that can be inserted into pre-designed email templates. Templates reflect Christian themes and occasions, including newsletters, special events, new arrivals, sales, promotions and holiday themes with messages.

Having images and messages pre-loaded means retailers can quickly drag and drop marketing elements to create quality and customizable e-marketing that communicates directly with customers about new products, authors and artists, or in-store events.

Stores can also choose to send ready-to-send Christian product e-mails from a vast library of options. The Parable Group plans by year-end to have dozens more ready-to-send e-mails in the system, many of which will be incentivized, meaning stores will be reimbursed by vendors when sending pre-approved emails.

“It’s exciting to see store owners realizing the potential they have for traffic growth and increased sales using e-mail marketing and e-mails that complement their marketing group catalogs, no matter which marketing group they’re with.” said The Parable Group CEO Steve Potratz. “SnapRetail is a simple solution that makes sending e-mails to Christian customers easier than other e-mail options.”

The Parable Group reports 151 Christian stores are using the SnapRetail program, representing 605,000 e-mail addresses. Nearly 11 million e-mails have been sent through the system in the past 12 months.

To find out about the CBA member offer, e-mail Tom Dolman.