As part of its integrated product array, The Newborn Promise Project by Graham Blanchard Inc. offers an app and free downloads as well as a podcast to support the “Newborn Promise Collection.” The product line was officially launched at UNITE 2017 and includes a mix of published works and free resources, such as Your Newborn Promise Project Parent Tips, which is now available at

Callie Grant, founder and publisher, says the company launched the first Christian app for expecting and new parents last May, which was followed by the launch of the “Newborn Promise Podcast,” featuring Christian artists such as Kari Jobe and Brandon Heath as well as Christian parenting experts like Dr. Tim Kimmel of Grace Based Parenting. Check out the podcast at

“Everyone sees the need for it and appreciates the authenticity it brings to fill a gap with much-needed support for new marriages and families. Other communities who have been drawn to the program are pregnancy help centers and adoption organizations. We are so honored to serve them all,” she says.

The project’s audiences are also encouraged to connect with local Christian retailers to continue build their family’s faith community.

“Aside from churches, Christian retailers are one of the last outposts in daily life where expecting and new parents can find reliable Christian resources and recommendations,” she says. ‘Store employees and owners are much more than retailers—they’re pastors, confidantes, prayer partners, and faith warriors on the front line. Expecting and new parents today need all the support they can get.’

Download the app.

—Ginny McCabe