“Francis Schaeffer once proclaimed, ‘We now live in a post-Christian world.’ If he were alive today, he would say, ‘We now live in an anti-Christian world.’”

For this and many other reasons, Josh McDowell—along with his son Sean—has revised and updated his classic Evidence That Demands a Verdict, originally published with Campus Crusade for Christ in 1972. Most recently updated in 1999, Evidence will now have significant new content.

According to the elder McDowell, up-and-coming generations are bringing a new set of questions to the table that the book needed to address. “The questions skeptics are asking have changed over the 40 years since I wrote the first edition: Is there a truth? If there is, can you know it? Is Christianity a copycat religion? Is there objective history, and if so, so what? How can truth in history be relevant to me today?”

Providing insights into how millennials and teens act and think, Sean brings fresh eyes to the project.

“He is from a different generation than I am, so he helps to bridge generations, and he brings youth and different insights and understanding,” says McDowell. “Sean also is an assistant professor in Biola University’s Christian apologetics program and the resident scholar for Summit California. He has an incredible mind and is a gifted thinker, writer, and communicator.”

During the revision process, McDowell discovered God had several lessons to teach him.

“First, there is a tsunami of biblical evidence, and I have a responsibility to communicate it,” he says. “Second, always strive for truth—and do it with integrity.”

Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell (Thomas Nelson, c, $29.99, ISBN: 9781401676704) hit the shelves Oct. 3. Learn more at www.readevidence.com.