With the two biggest holiday-shopping events coming, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Christian retailers might gain an extra edge for sales using multichannel advertising strategies.

MediaPost.com reports that visitation patterns of holiday shoppers across the Top 20 retailers and websites show online visits are strong across the entire holiday weekend, especially Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. In-store visits are at their lowest on Thanksgiving Day when most retail locations are closed, but then increase when stores reopen on Black Friday and throughout the weekend. Visits to mobile websites also experience an increase throughout the weekend.

Of primary interest, consumers have become increasingly aware of “Free Shipping Day” just prior to the arrive-in-time-for-Christmas shipping deadlines, with traffic to retailers increasing 18% on that day. So, holiday procrastination may be the retail store’s best friend.

Retailers are encouraged to use e-mails with offers, such as “free shipping” and “percentage off,” as last year e-mails with offers reported 22% higher transaction rates than those without. E-mails can reach customers with customized messages in advance of milestone shopping days.

E-mail also offers a significantly higher engagement on mobile devices. January to October 2013, mobile e-mail open-rates were 49% to 50%, while multichannel retailers saw a much higher percentage of their opens (62%) on a mobile device as the holiday season began. While the majority of clicks (52%) still occur on desktops, mobile is critical as 52% of mobile users will research products, redeem coupons, and rely on apps for purchases.