Credentials Policy

If we request credentials, please submit one or more of the items listed below.

Print Media

  • Submit the masthead from a current issue of your publication listing you as the writer, reporter, or editor.
  • Two industry-related articles published within the past six months with your byline.
  • Press photo ID.

Broadcast Media

  • Press photo ID.
  • Your business card reflecting your current title as reporter, producer or photographer/cameraman.

All national and local media outlets are welcome, but we encourage registrants to call ahead to make sure sessions you wish to record allow recording.

Online Media

  • Provide the URL and masthead listing you as an editorial contributor.
  • A bylined industry-related article published within the past six month.
  • Not considered as media are social media postings or accounts – such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, forums, or users groups – that are not recognized as bona fide media content.
  • Editorial works for a company that sells products or services to retailers does not qualify for working-media credentials.
  • If you are with a web publication or industry-related blog, it must have been previously established and regularly updated with original and current industry-related news.

Freelancers and Video Production Companies

  • Freelancers must submit an assignment letter or email including the assigning company’s letterhead or signature indicating you are representing the organization in an editorial capacity at the convention.
  • Include any bylined articles published within the past six months or a business card that reflects your editorial role.
  • Your coverage must not be commercial work or publicity solicited by exhibiting companies.

CBA reserves the right to deny applicants press credentials if sufficient credentials are not provided. Credentials will not be granted to non-editorial staff, including sales, marketing, management, administration, public relations, publicity, etc. Issuing of past press credentials does not guarantee approval for future complimentary registration or waive accreditation requirements.

Product Giveaway Policy
  • Some special events include product giveaways for retailers. Media are not authorized to accept or take product from any of these events, such as the the Rep Around sessions or other workshops and events with free products and samples designated for retailers. These events are planned based on registered attendees or ticket sales.
  • Reporters may solicit or receive free products directly from exhibitors or exhibitor publicity staff on their own as part of their media or publicity coverage.
Meal Policy
  • Some CBA events include pre-purchased meals, such as the Envision the Legacy Banquet Thursday night. Media are welcome to attend these events and will have designated media seats. Due to limited seating, We request you limit the number of media representatives from one company to two media representatives per event.
  • Credentialed media must register for meal events to enable accurate meal counts.


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