“Our major obligation is not to mistake slogans for solutions.”
― Edward R. Murrow

One of the standard bearers of good journalism, Edward R Murrow set an example for reporters who pursued the truth, ask the tough questions, and reported on what was happening and not just the press release about what was scheduled to happen.

CBA is looking forward to that kind of coverage for attendees, exhibitors, and authors at UNITE 2018. More than 100 articles have been written about this years UNITE, and CBA is welcoming one of the largest media contingencies in recent conventions.

For the first time since CBA began hosting conventions, this year’s UNITE represents a new focus of providing daily print and video content of the convention happenings for all media outlets.

Video clips will be provided daily for all outlets and emailed to national media. Some of the larger media outlets are working with the CBA News Team to have video uploaded to their private sites which will also happen each day during the convention.

CBA has reserved more media workstations than in years past and each media work area has high speed internet and extra charging stations. The Media Lounge accessed only with a CBA Media Pass will also have a CBA News designated runner and producer to help journalists with any questions they may have during the convention, or help in locating speakers, artists and authors.

Updated lists of what speakers and authors are available and when will also be posted in the Media Lounge.

Also for the first time in convention history CBA News will be onsite with a full production team of reporters, producers, videographers, photographers, editors and online specialists to document and help media outlets capture video interviews and record pristine audio files. The Media Interview Room is accessible to media and interviewees only and is available every 20 minutes on a first to sign up onsite basis. Authors can be interviewed by credentialed media, a CBA News reporter or by their publisher.

Raw video and audio files will be available at the end of each day during UNITE.

Any media who are not credentialed prior to arriving at UNITE will be directed upstairs to the Media Lounge to be vetted and credentialed there.

Award winning journalist and former ABC News anchor Jennifer Eve will be onsite working with the CBA News team, conducting interviews and posting daily news releases for national and international media outlets.

A full list of approved media at this years UNITE convention is posted at CBAunite.com. The list of available authors is posted separately and will update as publishers notify CBA.

All media is required to wear a UNITE 2018 Media Pass and to work from designated work stations located on the second floor of the Gaylord Convention Center in Lincoln Rooms A, B, C, and D.

The CBA Media Interview Room is also located on the 2nd floor in Presidential Room B, and the full CBA News Edit station for video and audio files is located in Presidential Board Room A.

Any media questions or to apply for credentials, contact Deborah@circletakeproductions.com.

Media List

Available Authors