CBA, the Association for Christian Retail, named Dr. Kevin McAfee to the newly created position of Film Commissioner. The role will support development of quality Christian media by focusing on the business side of moviemaking and by including Christian outlets in movie marketing and box-office development more proactively.

“The community of Christian content creators and distributors is on the forefront of contemporary media that promotes a Christian worldview based on Jesus Christ’s teaching,” CBA President Curtis Riskey said. “Our goal is to unite and leverage the growing networks of leading filmmakers, story tellers and publishers, theater owners, and retailers to influence our culture through contemporary media.”

“Kevin is perfect for this,” Riskey said. “Not only does he have 40 years of experience in film and strategic visioning, he’s a friend of the industry who has worked with leading companies and virtually every industry association with demonstrated positive results.”

Working as an independent contractor, McAfee will bring leaders from various media and business disciplines together for learning, networking, and business development.

McAfee said it is a wonderful honor to be selected as the CBA Film Commissioner.

He envisions a new kind of film symposium at UNITE 2017 this summer in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a strategy to bring filmmakers, publishers, retailers, and the church together “to impact our culture with a visual language.”

“We are at the dawn of a new era, and we have to ask ourselves, what are we going to do together to make our world better?” he asked. “ Intellectual properties and great films of faith—filled with answers, solutions and real purpose with amazing products—are needed. We have a great group of filmmakers out there right now who need promotions.”

McAfee believes the industry can do a better job boosting box-office promotions for film premieres with this project, beginning with educational forums, interaction between industry segments, and special product offers.

As part of his strategy, he plans on working with film-related groups, such as International Christian Visual Media and others to create effective solutions.

“This is going to take everyone’s support for making faith films a success,” he said.

McAfee serves on Lipscomb University’s Film Advisory Board and its graduate film program in Tennessee. A four-decade-long film producer and director, McAfee has produced and directed several movies. As CEO of the Hobby Lobby-owned film company Every Tribe Entertainment, he produced Beyond the Gates of Splendor (2002) and executive produced End of the Spear (2005), and after founding the nonprofit Veritas Mission Film Association, created Last Ounce of Courage (2012), which was endorsed by Chuck Norris. The company has an online prayer arm seeking support for films on the global horizon, he said

McAfee also founded GR Productions LLC, a for-profit film-production company, “to impact culture with purpose for audiences everywhere.”

He has been winning dozens of awards from global film festivals for his latest directorial work, a feature documentary planned as a special project only for Christian stores. He is seen and has appeared on FOX & Friends for his films about family, faith, and freedom.

McAfee helped market films such as the premiere for Warner Brothers’ Twister, and has had a long-time relationship with Disney Studios since college. He served as an executive with Nest Entertainment during the release of The Swan Princess (New Line Cinema’s first animated film), and produced the Animated Stories from the Bible.

He directed the Seattle Symphony with Ron Owen for a soundtrack and produced and directed more than 30 professional music projects.

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