CBA continues rights and licensing event in Eastern Europe.

For companies of all sizes and categories, a key to success is working with counterparts in other countries or cultures and gaining access to products not readily available.

The Christian products industry is no exception. As God’s people are called to make Him known among the nations, how can we limit the work of Christian authors, artists, publishers, or producers to only the most accessible locations?

Eastern Europe is one place where gaining access to international rights and licensing has historically been a challenge. While general-market events are often hosted in Western locations, Christian-product providers in Central and Eastern Europe have faced challenges making it difficult for them to attend.

To meet this need, CBA hosts MarketSquare Budapest. Taking place March 8-10 this year at Hotel Benczur in Budapest’s business center, the third annual MarketSquare Budapest offers a convenient and affordable rights and licensing event for Christian content. This year’s event also adds training opportunities.

Featuring two full days of rights and licensing sales opportunities as well as a training day in partnership with CLC Ministries International, the event is ideal for publishers, acquisition editors, ministry leaders, and media companies. Participants will be able to enjoy one-on-one meetings with rights and licensing representatives, market updates and trends, business training for publishers and business leaders, as well as networking time.

“We are supporting an infrastructure for the Good News to be promoted and prospered throughout the world,” says Curtis Riskey, president of CBA. “Our partnership with CLC is invaluable because we know that challenges faced in Europe are different from those we face in the U.S., and this is an opportunity to be unified with our brothers and sisters in Europe as we seek to support a strong global network of Christian product providers.”

CLC’s mission is to make evangelical Christian literature available to all nations so that people may come to faith and maturity in Christ. The training day includes sessions on marketing, successful contracting, overcoming publishing mistakes, and developing markets led by James Elwell (Tyndale House Publishers), Cindy Riggins (Riggins International), William and Carine Mackenzie (Christian Focus Publications), and Dr. Kornel Herjeczki (Harmat Kiado).

“CLC is delighted to be involved in MarketSquare Budapest because it is a unique opportunity, particularly for our Central and Eastern European countries, to be able to establish ongoing relationships with major U.S. publishers and licensing agents and to view new titles on the market,” explains Gary Chamberlin, CLC European director.

“This is greatly facilitated simply by the location in Budapest, which is a key travel hub for that entire region. For the training day, my hope is that our many CLC participants from all over Europe will be able to increase their publishing abilities,” he adds. “I have no doubt that the various interesting topics will be valuable not only for our CLC participants representing 10 countries, but also for the other Central European publishers that will be attending.”

MarketSquare Budapest is one of several international MarketSquare events planned by CBA to support and encourage Christian product providers around the world who operate in different cultures and face unique challenges in producing and distributing Christian products.

— Sharon Roberts