Jeremy Fleming, store manager of Kregel Parable Christian Stores in Grandville, Michigan, is a champion of the Get It Local Today! program, which drives customers into brick-and-mortar Christian stores from website referrals. And he understands the value of training so team members are prepared to serve these customers when they come into the store.

He, along with industry veterans Erik Ernstrom, business intelligence manager for Parable Group, and Tammy Horvath, CBA’s member services manager, participated in a webinar to share tips and techniques of how Fleming and his team are connecting with new and existing customers who order online and pickup in store.

Here are some highlights:

  • Setting up an email response system for the pick-up-in-store functionality works best when shared across all store staff. Every team member should be ready and able to serve these customers.
  • Even a few emails per week can make all the difference. For example, five emails per week add up to 260 visits per year.
  • Email can be opened up first thing in the morning and be viewable all day for incoming email notices and orders to be assigned to staff to act upon.
  • Because many customers shop websites, your store can receive requests 24/7/365.
  • Knowing stores have a certain product on the shelf increases sales. If people can see you have what they’re looking for and can reserve it, they’re willing to make the trip.
  • If an item isn’t in stock when you receive a request, call the customer to order it for them. Reaching out to the customer goes a long way to build relationship, instead of sending a generic email saying the item is out of stock.

Read more in the December issue of Christian MARKET, “Don’t Waste a Referral From Get It Local Today!” about how Fleming’s store is reaping the benefits of in-store pickup of online orders and building relationships with loyal customers.

Find out more about the Get It Local Today! program and watch the full webinar.

—Ginny McCabe