International Christian Visual Media (ICVM) awarded the coveted Crown Awards to outstanding films and television programs at their annual conference, Jun. 18-21, 2013. Filmmakers from across the U.S. and around the world gather each year to worship God, network, encourage one another and honor the excellent work of their colleagues. The 2013 Gold, Silver and Bronze Crown Awards went to the following:


  • City on a Hill Productions: Acts of God, Gold: Best Picture, Gold: Best Drama over $250,000.
  • Bridgestone Multimedia Group: The Letter Writer, Silver: Best Picture, Gold: Best Drama under $250,000., Gold: Best Youth Film
  • Level Path Productions: Jimmy, Bronze: Best Picture, Silver: Best Evangelistic Film, Silver: Best Drama over $250,000.


  • Answers in Genesis: Buddy Davis Amazing Adventures: Swamp Man, Silver: Best Children’s Video
  • Brettian Productions: His Eye Is On The Sparrow, Silver: Best Music Video
  • Bridgestone Multimedia Group: Amazing Love, Bronze: Best Evangelistic Film, Bronze: Best Youth Film
  • Michael Brown: Hiding In Plain Sight, Silver: Best Drama under $250,000.
  • City on a Hill Productions: Gods At War, Gold: Best Curriculum
  • Crown Entertainment: Fully Alive, Gold: Best Comedy; East Meets West, Silver: Best Comedy; Laughing On Purpose, Bronze: Best Comedy
  • EchoLight Studios: Beyond The Heavens, Bronze: Best Drama over $250,000; Foolishness, Gold: Best Evangelistic Film, Silver: Best Youth Film, Silver: Best Documentary under $50,000.
  • Joel Edwards: The Jesus Agenda, Gold: Best Series
  • ERF Medien: Against Forgetting: Lest It Be Forgotten, Gold: Best Short Film, Gold: Best International Film; Dan Woolley, Bronze: Best Short Film
  • Family 7: Family 7 in Action: Uganda Episode, Gold: Best Television Format, Silver: Best International Film
  • Good News Productions International: Detox, Silver: Best Series, Gold: Best Music Video
  • Michael Hilsden: The Testament, Silver: Student Film
  • NoVA Christian Film: Settled, Silver: Best Short Film
  • Alex Olson: Purple, Bronze: Student Film
  • OR Productions: Abraham’s Promise: Stevie’s Treks To The Holy Land, Bronze: Best Children’s Video
  • Paraclete Productions: Change The Heart, Change The World, Silver: Best Curriculum, Silver: Best Documentary over $50,000.
  • Third Millenium Ministries: The Book Of Revelation, Bronze: Best Curriculum
  • Trinity Broadcasting Network: Cruise With A Cause 4, Silver: Best Television Format, Bronze: Best Series; iShine Kneck: Media Overload, Bronze: Best Television Format
  • Triple Horse Studio: A Cry For Justice, Bronze: Best Drama over $250,000.
  • Samuel Vargas: A Voice Inside, Gold: Student Film
  • Vision Video: Catching Hearts, Bronze: Best Drama under $250,000; When Morning Breaks, Gold: Best Documentary under $50,000; Rescued, Bronze: Best Documentary under $50,000; Captivated, Gold: Best Documentary over $50,000; Torchlighters: The Augustine Story, Gold: Best Children’s Video
  • Visual Productions: Our Fascinating Universe, Bronze: Best Documentary over $50,000., Bronze: Best International Film
  • ZVK: Good Tidings With Gospel Boulevard, Bronze: Best Music Video

International Christian Visual Media congratulates all the 2013 filmmakers.