It’s easy to get your team members learning the basics and moving your store forward. Simply register your store and staff, receive credentials, and begin learning.

Courses are packaged so it’s easy to learn the basics and progress to advanced courses designed for sales associates or store managers. Courses are brief, highly interactive, and engaging. They use animation and videos to capture attention and improve memory. Courses also include tools to host effective associate meetings to keep things on track and heading for success.

Retailers may create policies and manuals in days instead of weeks using templates that allow you to customize content to your store and your philosophies. If you have more than one store, the district manager course helps get leaders quickly organized and effective.

The goal is to increase your sales so you can accomplish ministry.


Programs range as low as $12.49 per month per seat. Select a manager seat and a sales-associate seat to start using administrative tools and assigning coursework.

Programs are offered on an annual basis or on an annual basis with automatic billing to keep your investment in your staff and store as low as possible.

To get started, click here.

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