As the association for Christian retail stores, CBA is eager to provide content to our Christian MARKET readers that brings value and raises up the entire industry—and we need your help.

We’re looking for new and unique things you’re doing in your store for the latter half (May to December) of 2018—such as unique sales events, author signings/readings, Facebook author events, speakers/panel discussions, art exhibits, children’s events, librarian gatherings, interactive displays, etc. Are you revamping (or building) your website? Are you beginning online sales? Establishing a used book section?

If you’d like to participate, please answer the questions below and email to by Friday, March 16.

Thank you—we look forward to hearing from you!

Questions for Retailers:

  1. What innovative ways are you reaching new and established customers in the second half of 2018?
  2. What are your goals for these events?
  3. Briefly describe your planning process: who is involved, how do you plan to market these events? (Social media, print/digital/email advertising, etc.)
  4. What do you hope customers take away from these initiatives?
  5. What skills do you or your staff need to acquire or expand to implement these events?
  6. How can CBA help you?