Christian MARKET (CM): How have you seen God use you to reveal His grace?

One of the reasons why I’m so thankful for the opportunity to write my autobiography is because it’s given me an opportunity to answer that question—to write a book full of ways I’ve seen God display His faithfulness to me.

I’ve said often that God has given me the gift of songs to build memorials, those stones of remembrance, where I could go back and remember the faithfulness of God in different chapters of my life and then get to share them in concert. I love that with this book I got a chance to go even deeper into some of those stories, to really talk about how God has been faithful. It’s amazing for me to see again and again how God has connected the dots in my life. I’m convinced that all of us should try to write a book (not really, because it might make you crazy like it did me!).

It’s amazing when you retrace your steps. Even in the Old Testament God encouraged the Israelites to write, to build those stones of remembrance, to go back and retell those stories. When we do that, we see God’s hand weaving together so many details of our lives.

CM: What do you hope readers will learn about you from reading this book?

One of the things I was deeply committed to in telling my story was to do it in a very raw and honest way, in a way that others will say, “Man, this guy’s a lot more broken and messed up than I might’ve thought.” And yet hopefully in that there will be encouragement to then say, “God has been faithful even in his weakness, in his own struggles and deep pain, in his fear and questions.”

CM: What message do you have for Christian retailers?

To those who might help me share that message, I say thank you for the incredible privilege to help share this, and that you’d pray with me that God will use it in a profound way in the lives of whoever may pick it up and read it.

My goal and desire in the writing of this book was two “H’s” that God gave me: to be utterly honest and be completely honoring to the people in my life. To tell the stories of my childhood, to tell the hard struggles behind songs like “I Will Be Here” and “Go There With You” that I’ve written for my wife, to share the story of the loss of our daughter Maria in my own words more deeply than I’ve ever shared it. I felt deeply committed to not shy away from being very honest and raw with what that journey felt like.

I believe there’s great power for others those who might read it and be able to say, “Yes, I’m not alone in my own journey of wrestling with God, wrestling through really hard things, through questions and deep sadness and grief and yet great joy.” All of that but then also to—and God made this very clear to my heart in a loud way—honor. Honor your parents and honor your marriage as you tell this story honestly. I feel God gave me the wisdom to do just that.