Retailers who have signed up for Get It Local Today! may be sending you a referral to get as many indie retailers on the program as possible to launch the new website. Watch for your referral or just enroll on your own. Your fellow storeowners are counting on you.

Christian stores benefit from enrolling by being eligible and ready for online referrals from publisher websites for in-store sales. The Get It Local Today! site lists nearby Christian stores for referred customers and displays the store’s current on-hand inventory for product being viewed. It enables customers to reserve and purchase product, helps them avoid shipping charges and delays, and drives traffic to Christian stores so customers can see other titles and products.

This cooperative effort costs retailers nothing. CBA, The Covenant Group, and The Parable Group are making this work with endorsement from the Logos Group, Innovative, and Bookstore Manager. It’s a united effort to build traffic and much-needed sales to Christian stores. It also gives publishers confidence that website referrals will actually go to a store and end in a sale.

If you don’t want to wait for a referral or call a friend, just enroll today.

For more information, visit Get It Local Today!