Across the continent of Africa, 215 Christian radio producers are going home to 15 countries with new tools and skills to share the gospel. HCJB Global recently joined with Moody Radio in a four-day Global Partners Project radio training intensive in Aburi, Ghana, West Africa, for seminars, hands-on practice, and spiritual enrichment. Classes were offered in leadership, fundraising, production, interviewing, on-air presentation, web integration, emerging technology, video production, and social media.

“The interaction with participants was dynamic,” said Jon Fugler, VP for advancement at HCJB Global, who brought expertise in fundraising to the training. “They shared their ideas with one another and planned real steps of action to take upon returning home. There was a strong spiritual aspect as well. We paused during the teaching for a prayer of thanksgiving that God is in control, despite the obstacles.”

With its origins 85 years ago in a single radio station in Quito, Ecuador, HCJB Global is now an international ministry utilizing the latest broadcast technology to take the gospel to the remote, rural and hard-to-reach places of the world.

Partner organizations joined in a consortium of experts to offer training for local radio stations across Africa. The idea was birthed when conference host Theovision International extended an invitation to Moody Radio to conduct training for radio personnel. Moody then invited HCJB Global and Africa by Radio to partner in the training.

“This conference exceeded our expectations in an amazing way,” said Stephen Asare, project coordinator for Moody Radio. “Originally we had room for 150 attendees but were able to accommodate 215. There is a great hunger for training in Africa.”

Many participants traveled long distances to attend the continental conference. The cultural diversity set the backdrop against which Christian media professionals found it surprisingly easy to express their local challenges and seek input from others for solutions. Presenters worked intentionally to avoid a Western mindset in sharing with their African counterparts and sought to learn what is working in the African context.

In addition to morning seminars, afternoon sessions were devoted to onsite practice. Facilitators guided participants to use the tools and training to create short features and develop real content for broadcasting. Evening services brought a blending of cultures into one Body of Christ, with energetic dancing and songs of praise and worship.

The four-day conference culminated in a closing ceremony with participants receiving certificates of completion. Rev. Theodore Asare, president of Theovision International and member of HCJB Global’s board of directors, charged them to make good use of their new knowledge and skill to promote their ministries, stressing that with the right training, Africans can be empowered to do even more than their counterparts in the West.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Moody Radio, Theovision International and Africa by Radio,” said Fugler. “Together we were able to provide our African brothers and sisters with not just theory, but real tools they can use. This is the power of partnership.”