New to HarperCollins Christian Publishing is Emanate Books, a Thomas Nelson imprint focusing on charismatic titles, a popular genre that is gaining ground. According to Emanate Marketing Manager Cody Van Ryn, a 2011 Pew Forum study showed that 14 percent of the world’s Christian population was part of the charismatic movement.

“While other mainline denominations have seen average attendance shrink, charismatic churches are showing continued growth since then,” he says. “We believe there’s a hunger for charismatic values within the general church at large, and want Emanate Books to provide content that shares these values, whether explicitly labeled as charismatic or not.”

Explaining that the imprint will mirror the charismatic movement in the 21st century, Van Ryn says Emanate authors will be speaking to varying demographics of the church, “but what will pull them together is a shared understanding with the reader—a love of Jesus Christ, a belief in the Bible as God’s Word, and a faith in the present day power of the Holy Spirit.”

Emanate Books will publish 12 titles in its first year, including Minute by Minute by Joanne Moody, which recounts the author’s personal story of perseverance and the power of prayer. In 2018, Emanate will release two books from pastors at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas: Hope for Your Marriage by Clayton and Ashlee Hurst and Our Champion by Craig Johnson. Social media will play a big role in the imprint with authors speaking directly to fans and readers through emerging channels such as Facebook Live.

“Emanate Books knows charismatic Christians want to hear from God,” says Van Ryn. “It’s our prayer and goal that the books we publish will lead readers to have a renewed mind as they grow closer with their creator, Savior, and friend.”

—Lora Schrock