“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers” (Galatians 6:10 NIV).

Curtis Riskey, CBA President

This verse has been on my mind a lot lately. As I think about where we are as an industry, where we’re going, and how we’re going to get there, the concept of “doing good” within our industry family has been a guiding light.

In our businesses and our shared mission, I believe “doing good” means looking to the interests of others (Philippians 2:4) in a spirit of unity (Romans 5:5). This is what has inspired much of CBA’s work as we continue to bring the industry together at the annual convention and in our strategic alliance with Content Road Media Corporation to launch the Christian Retail Only initiative.

Our “family of believers” is everyone who has a hand in our mission—from the church-worker next door, to the retailer down the street, to our brothers and sisters around the world. How amazing it is to think that the work of capturing God’s truth, publishing and distributing it, and reaping a harvest for His Kingdom is going on 24/7/365 because those faithful to the Great Commission are always at work somewhere across the globe.

That’s why it’s critical for us to unite globally as we “do good within the family”—not only because we need each other, but to fulfill our vision of reaching all people with the Gospel message.

I’ve become more convicted of this need the more I travel and meet with international publishers, authors, and retailers. We all share many of the same challenges, but through our different perspectives, insights, and relationships we together can overcome and remove any stumbling blocks.

CBA is committed to bringing the entire industry together and building bridges that help pave the way for greater ministry and Gospel impact around the world. This month, I’ll be attending the 15th World Christian Expo in New Delhi. In April, CBA will host the third annual MarketSquare Budapest event in Hungary, where we’re partnering with CLC to provide specialized training and two days of rights and licensing sales. UNITE 2017 attendees will find networking and market development opportunities at CBA’s International MarketSquare—just to name a few of the efforts underway.

Additionally, we’re expanding our web and magazine content to include profiles, issues, and news affecting our international members—including a special international edition of Christian MARKET this spring. The annual International Market Directory connects retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, and rights/licensing professionals around the world.

We hope you’ll use these resources, participate, engage with each other,and tell us how we can better serve the global family.

We have an opportunity to do good to one another and show the world what can happen when we unite—and what the family of God looks like when we work as one body.