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Capture sales from online customers—even without a sophisticated e-commerce website!

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How does it work?

Christian publishers, authors, and other industry vendors post the Get It Local Today “buy link” on their websites and in emails as the first purchasing option customers see online for a specific product. The link leads directly to a product page on the Get It Local Today site so customers may reserve product for local pick up.

After entering a ZIP code or city, customers see a list of all local Christian retail stores. For stores that report inventory to CBA’s CROSS:SCAN sales reporting tool, the site shows how many copies of the searched title are in stock—a proven influencer in a customer’s decision to visit a store. Stores without inventory data will be grayed out because inventory status is unknown.

The ability for consumers to see local stores and on-hand inventory is a game changer as now customers can get the book or Bible they want the same day—and buy local too! Plus the store keeps 100% of the purchase! Research shows 73 percent of consumers are more likely to visit a store if they can see in-store inventory on items they are considering.

Customers reserve products for in-store pick-up easily with a name, email and phone number. They receive a confirmation email with store information (address, hours, etc.) based on the store’s current Google listing. In turn, the store is sent an email with a link to “confirm” the order once it is fulfilled. As soon as the store clicks the “confirm” link, the customer automatically receives a follow-up email saying the order is ready for pick-up and will be held for up to two working days at the store.

If a desired product is not available at a local Christian store, customers may order the item online for delivery. Orders are fulfilled through Christian-industry distributors. Customers will be charged for shipping, a further incentive for purchasing in-store locally.  Get It Local Today prioritizes connecting customers with local Christian retailers. Online purchasing is only available to save the sale and keep the purchase within the Christian-retail industry.

Regardless of where the sale is transacted, customers will be introduced to local stores, which should encourage future in-store visits.

What does it cost?

Nothing! This web-based platform is free to stores, and stores keep 100 percent of store-sold revenues!

As an industry initiative, the cost is supported fully by three industry partners working together to make this happen: CBA, The Parable Group and Covenant Group.  There is no cost to the retailers or publishers who support this initiative.

Why should my store participate?
  • Christian retailers and publishers will reach more consumers with life-changing products.
  • More consumers will learn about and visit Christian stores.
  • Christian stores will capture sales referred by publishers’ websites.

Benefits for Retailers:

  • Harnesses online technology for your store
  • Invites customers to your store
  • Rewards you for maintaining inventories
  • Leverages nationwide network of physical stores
  • Promotes the Christian products industry

Monthly reports will provide participating retailers complete analytics on any leads sent from Get It Local Today, including summary reports of whether requested product was in stock at the time and how many sales landed with their store. To help maintain system integrity, monthly reports also provide feedback monitoring how quickly stores “confirmed” pick-up order requests.

An added retailer feature is access to The Parable Group’s “post-sale credit” technology. This enables participating retailers to earn automated redemption of promotional credits from publishers and suppliers for products sold via Get It Local Today.

How do I participate?

It’s simple really: you keep your store information updated with Google and provide daily inventory-data feeds for display to potential customers.

If you do not already report to CROSS:SCAN, sign up for this free service to begin reporting inventory data. CROSS:SCAN works automatically with most industry POS systems.

Additionally, you give priority service to all customer pick-up requests from Get It Local Today to provide the very best experience possible to customers sent to you.

To get started, simply visit

Complete a simple online registration by clicking on the link to:

  • Verify all store information (address, phone, hours, etc.) with Google
  • Agree to terms of CROSS:SCAN inventory reporting (an agreement designed to protect your data from inappropriate use)
  • Provide contact email(s) for in-store pick-up notifications

In just a few minutes, you can be enrolled and ready to join hundreds of other Christian retailers in a nationwide physical-store delivery network to serve consumers seeking your products and offerings—all at NO COST to you!

Enroll in Get It Local Today!

When does it launch?

Enrollments will begin in August 2017 with scheduled launch by October 2017.

 Who is behind this?

Get It Local Today is an industry cooperative, provided by three entities working for our industry’s overall benefit:

  • CBA coordinates the store network, promotion and industry support
  • The Parable Group provides the extensive data functionality required
  • Covenant Group built the site and will provide ongoing maintenance