Direct customers to Christian stores where they can discover even more of your products!

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Online retailers don’t “sell” your products, they merely “take orders.”  True interest and add-on sales occur in local retail stores, and this selling is vital to the Christian publishing’s long-term health and expansion.

Many consumers, looking for product from your authors or imprints, go directly to your website.  The new Get It Local Today program offers you (at no cost) the option to prioritize a buy link that sends potential customers to local Christian retailers to pick up their purchases immediately. You save fulfillment costs and hassle, consumers save shipping charges, and the entire industry benefits from directing consumers to local sources for a huge variety of products for add-on and future sales!

How does it work?

When you make the Get It Local Today buy link the first one listed for your purchase options, customers link directly to a product page on the Get It Local Today site so they may immediately purchase the desired product locally.

They enter a ZIP code or city to see a list of local Christian stores. More than just a store locator, Get It Local Today shows how many copies of that title retailers have in stock. Knowing what’s in stock has proven to be influential in a customer’s decision to visit a brick-and-mortar store.

This is a game changer as now your customer can get the book or Bible they’re looking for the same day by picking it up in a local store. The customer reserves the product online with the store of their choice and picks it up within two days.

For times when no local retailer has stock, the customer may purchase the item online and have it delivered. The option utilizes every major Christian-industry distributor and product ships for delivery that day or the next.

By participating, you give customers the option to obtain your products immediately and locally, and you benefit a key partner channel. You also help raise awareness of local Christian retailers for potential future visits and purchases!

What does it cost?

It’s FREE!  This is an industry-wide initiative, and the cost is supported fully by three industry partners working together to make this happen: CBA, The Parable Group and Covenant Group.

Why refer to Get It Local Today instead of other websites?
  • Boost cooperation between Christian vendors and retailers to reach more consumers with your products.
  • Build traffic and sales for a valuable retail channel.
  • Give your customers opportunity for immediate product fulfillment through local buying.

Benefits to Vendors:

  • Provides a zero-cost way to support retailers
  • Encourages stores to stock your products
  • Utilizes inventory already sitting on store shelves to reduce returns
  • Offers your customers immediate access
  • Serves both chains and independents
  • Delivers customer data collected from your leads
  • Promotes the Christian products industry as a whole

Monthly reports will show:

  • Complete analytics on any leads sent to Get It Local Today from your site(s)
  • The stores that appeared on each search
  • Store capabilities to capture interest and sales
  • Store follow-up on fulfilling reservations and sales
  • Full customer data collected in the sale consummation!

Since you generated the customer lead, we report back to you the customer information we collect in the sales process for your re-marketing.

You do not receive this information from other online retailers. Since this is a cooperative project for the overall good of the Christian products industry, we are committed to retailers working together with publishers to drive repeat interest in current and future product offerings.

How do I participate?

Agree to give Get It Local Today the top listing of all buy links on your site, and also to support it in other marketing as you have opportunity. Additional support may include blogs, e-blasts with direct buy links, requesting authors to utilize it in interviews, etc.  We want to build this brand so customers in search of Christian product can find it in their local area, regardless of where they live!

Interested? Complete the Publisher Interest Form.

A vendor agreement will be sent to you upon request, and upon your review and signature, we will provide you with all necessary links, widgets and other tools you may need for implementation.

Your early support is encouraged, as the more vendor support we have, the more attractive this program is to retailers to join and participate for the benefit of all.

To make the industry collaboration as strong as possible, reach out to your retailer friends, letting them know of your participation and encouraging them to enroll. You can use these customizable templates to email your retailers.

Who is behind this?

Get It Local Today is an industry cooperative, provided by three entities working for the overall benefit of our industry:

  • CBA coordinates the store network, promotion and industry support
  • The Parable Group provides the extensive data functionality required
  • Covenant Group built the website and provides ongoing maintenance
When does it launch?

As soon as a a minimum number of stores enroll, the program will launch.

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