Securing Media Interviews at UNITE

UNITE offers a great opportunity to interact with media and get the word out about your artists, authors, and new products. The best way to get time with media representatives is to contact them directly before the convention and let them know you (or your author/artist) are available and what you (they) can speak about.

Get the Media List
Leading up to UNITE, CBA sends out regularly updated lists of the media registered to attend. To receive the media list with contact information, contact Audra Jennings at

Join the Available for Interviews List
CBA sends a list of exhibitor authors/artists who are available for interviews at UNITE to media contacts. To have your author/artist included on that list, submit info online on the Available for Interviews Form. Materials submitted through the form will also be available on the Press Kit section of the UNITE website for media.


Pitch Early
Many outlets fill their spots quickly, well in advance of the show, so start pitching early! Arriving onsite hoping to speak to media representatives without an appointment doesn’t often work out as media often already have a full schedule by then.

Pitch Proactively
CBA sends the list of who is available for interviews to the media, but that does not guarantee interviews. Be proactive in pitching to the media outlets on the list. Most interviews that take place are secured by actively seeking interviews rather than waiting for media to contact you.

When pitching, send your press release and highlight the topics you are able to talk about. It’s best to offer yourself as available rather than saying you want an interview and asking what time slots they have open.

Schedule Your Own Interviews
Each author/artist (or their PR representative) is responsible for scheduling their own interviews. Because of the number of media outlets, interviewees, and constant changes, there is not a master calendar of open possibilities.

If the authors you represent will be responsible for their own schedule, please pass this information along to them as well. If you are scheduling on their behalf, please share a little bit about this process with them so they know what to expect when they arrive at UNITE.

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