>>>“…the Lord said to Joshua…you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give to them…”(Jos. 1:1-2).

What do those words, “get ready,” mean to you? To some, they might simply mean gathering up possessions—packing up the camp—but I think they speak to something deeper: a profound realization that something that’s been anticipated for so long is about to happen. The Israelites may have been preparing for that day for 40 years—longing for it, fighting for it, believing for it. But now that the moment for commitment has come, the Lord makes it real for them by telling them to “get ready.”

How do you suppose they felt in that moment? If I could put myself there, I think I’d feel excited and hopeful, but also a little bit nervous and cautious. They knew the Lord had promised them the land across the Jordan, but they also must have known that they were in for an entirely different adventure. Why else would the Lord have added, “Be strong and courageous”— not once, but three times in Joshua 1:6-9? They knew the land would be good, but they also knew there were giants who would oppose them. They knew the Lord God would go before them, but they must have also seen their forefathers in themselves and wondered if they would be strong enough to remain faithful.

So much promise. And so much uncertainty.

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Doesn’t that sound just like where our industry is today? We’re all doing what we do because of a light, a vision, a hope that God has put before us. Yet, we can see there are “giants” out there that seek to destroy us, problems with solutions that allude us, a culture that tries to make us and the truth we hold irrelevant.

[quote]They knew the land would be good, but they also knew there were giants who would oppose them.[/quote]

How will we respond?

Do we turn back in fear? Or do we ready ourselves for the adventure ahead and follow the priests into the Jordan River (so to speak)?

Just like the Israelites, too, we’re all on this journey together. They passed through the Jordan together, in community. They didn’t go across one at a time, or in separate tribes, but “the whole nation completed the crossing on dry ground” (Jos. 3:17).

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CBA is taking that step toward the future and that land of hope we can see. There’s too much at stake for us not to. Each of us is surrounded by people on their own journeys, seeking for answers, hungry for truth, desperate for someone to care. We have to be here to engage with them, put God’s Truth in their hands, pray with them, and care for them. What would happen to them if we weren’t here?

We should take a lesson from the Israelites, and get ready. The Lord admonished them to be strong and courageous, to be careful to obey Him, and to follow the priests. We can ready ourselves in the same way by building up one another, recommitting ourselves to the future the Lord is calling us to, and moving forward together, as one body, one industry, one community. Are you ready for the adventure?

Peace and Grace,
Curtis Riskey
CBA President