The Christian-products industry is coming together in a new way, and you’ve just got to be a part of it.

Curtis Riskey, CBA President

For the last few months, CBA has been working with GR Advisors and partners on a project to re-engineer profitability for the Christian retail channel. This project now has a name, a brand, and—most importantly— industry people behind it with a passion to rebuild strength in Christian retail stores. Allow me introduce you to Christian Retail Only (CROnly).

CROnly is a new line of exclusive products only available through Christian retail stores—including books, music, films, and gifts. CROnly creates new opportunities for stores to reward loyal customers and connect with new customers through unique products offered at special pricing with full-profit margins for retailers.

This new brand also comes alongside industry suppliers who want to test, incubate, and launch exciting new “exclusive projects,” even for a time period. Providing new research models, CROnly brings illumination into research design and methodology with more awareness and consumer testing than possible before.

Details are described in “CROnly Revolutionizes Industry with Strategic Alliance” in this month’s issue of Christian MARKET, but CROnly will deliver a variety of high-value products each quarter, beginning October 2016, and CBA member stores will have access to a special website for product details and ordering.

Suppliers may want to launch products in this new exclusive channel, and Content Road Media Corporation working with CBA promises exciting futures. CROnly is the answer to the problem of differentiation within the Christian retail channel. By giving them product that won’t be at Walmart and Amazon, they have the opportunity to make a statement about their value and importance to the industry at large, their communities, and individual lives. But the industry must unite behind CROnly for it to work.

The old days of each part of the body working independently, looking toward its own interests, are over. CROnly is a Galatians 6:10 clarion call for us to “do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” It’s time for us to unify behind solutions that build up one another and thereby lift up the entire industry.

The waves of change may be upon us but we refuse to give up, and we’re moving in new directions. A rescue boat is on its way, and it’s powered by the strength we have and the momentum we create when we unite as an industry. Only one question remains: Will you get on board?