Get It Local Today

Strengthen the industry by driving traffic to Christian stores!

The Get It Local Today program is a cooperative industry initiative to connect online consumers to local Christian stores – for the entire industry’s benefit! CBA is working with The Parable Group and Covenant Group to make this happen.

Publishers and other vendors refer their online customers to local Christian stores to easily reserve product for immediate in-store pickup, encouraging store traffic and add-on sales.

How it works:
  1. Customers search for a product on a vendor website or receive vendor emails with a Get It Local Today buy link displayed as the first option to purchase products.
  2. The link sends the customer to a product page with a list of local stores and shows which stores have product in stock.
  3. The customer reserves the product and visits the store to pick it up—where they are likely to discover additional products!

FREE for both retailers and publishers/vendors!

Launch Date:

We need at least 400 stores reporting inventory to CROSS:SCAN to launch this fall.

How retailers participate:
  • Ensure store information is updated
  • Report inventory info to CROSS:SCAN
  • Commit to excellent customer service for those who pick up product reserved online

Enrollment is now open for retail stores! Enroll today at

How vendors participate:
  • Place the Get It Local Today buy link as the first option to purchase products online
  • Place the Get It Local Today buy link in marketing efforts such as emails

Publishers, complete this form to send us your contact info, and we’ll send you tools for participating. 

With Get It Local Today, sales stay in the industry, and customers find stores that reflect the Christian experience and discover additional Christian products—further supporting the store and the publishers!

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