Get It Local Today! Help Customers Shop You, Not Online Competitors.

As the busyness of December and January subsides, Get It Local Today! has resumed enrollment to ensure retailers don’t miss traffic-driving referrals from online shoppers. More than a dozen leading Christian publishers have committed to feature the Get It Local Today! “buy” link on their websites to direct shoppers to a cooperative industry platform that encourages consumers to shop local stores instead of only Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The Get It Local Today! platform captures the referrals at a product page that includes an enhanced CBA store locator so consumers can find a nearby store to “shop local.” The product page shows on-hand product inventory for reporting stores and enables consumers to easily reserve product to pick up at the local retailer they choose.

Retailers keep 100 percent of margins for products sold at the store, and it’s free for Christian retailers to be listed and participate.

“The goal of this program is to drive traffic and sales to Christian stores,” CBA President Curtis Riskey said. “You don’t have to be a CBA member to be listed on the store locator, you just have to be a Christian store.”

The project needs a critical mass of retailers to open. After taking several weeks off for the holidays, the enrollment process is now open once again to Christian retailers. Having a larger network of stores ensures publishers that consumers who leave publisher websites will find a place to actually buy the products they’re seeking.

Signing up only takes a few minutes for retailers to approve their store listing information and posting inventory data via CROSS:SCAN, the industry’s data gathering and best-seller tool. Most all industry POS systems can automate the information-collection process.

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For more information, see Get It Local Today!

Watch a short video explanation.