The Christian store-supporting platform Get It Local Today! is ready to launch, offering online shoppers at publisher websites the option of buying products at local Christian stores as an alternative to Amazon and big-box retailers. All this program needs to begin driving sales traffic to your store is you.

Get It Local Today! is free to retailers and publishers and takes about five minutes to give permission for your store to be listed and set up in data reporting to let customers know the product is in stock at your store.

Inventory is reported through CROSS:SCAN, the industry’s data reporting system. On-hand inventory data is the only retailer data visible through Get It Local Today!. As with all CROSS:SCAN data, retailers still own their data and individually have full control over what happens to it.

There is no downside to retailers for signing up for Get It Local Today!—only more store traffic, leading to greater sales potential. However, the program needs a critical mass of retailers to open. Having a larger network of stores ensures publishers that consumers who leave their websites will find a place to actually buy the products they’re seeking.

The program is a cooperative effort among CBA, The Covenant Group, and The Parable Group and is endorsed by the Logos Group and Signature Websites. Leading publishers have committed to post the Get It Local Today! widget on their corporate websites to help drive direct-to-consumer sales to local Christian stores for purchase.

As Danny Vera of Christ Centered Life Store (Ft. Myers, Florida) said of Get It Local Today!, “I can sit and watch and pray, or I can pray and act and do anything we can do to continue being the light that God called us to be.”

Let your light shine more brightly than ever now. Click for information on how Get It Local Today! works.

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