Unsuspecting chart-topping documentary Is Genesis History? came to fruition thanks to a 10-year-old. Director and producer Thomas Purifoy initially undertook the film project after conversations with his daughter about what she was learning in school surrounding creationism. The documentary examines the latest discoveries in science that prove Genesis is true.

Purifoy set out on an adventure that took him to the Grand Canyon, Mount St. Helens, and Colorado’s Alpine Loop, among numerous other locations, to capture more than 40 hours of cinematic footage. Is Genesis History? was birthed as he gathered 13 different scientists, meteorologists and creationists—all experts in their respective fields—to talk about Creation through the lens of Genesis.

When it premiered in more than 700 theaters in February, Is Genesis History? became the highest-grossing faith-based Fathom Events film of 2017, and since it released on DVD Apr. 11, it has consistently topped the Amazon documentary charts.

“We did not expect there to be such an outpouring,” Purifoy says of the documentary’s surprising success. “Most people know nothing about this—Christian or non-Christian. Our goal was to let scientists speak for themselves.” In addition to the popular DVD, more products—including a book, Bible study curriculum, and topic-based DVD sets—are in the works. Moreover, a plethora of complementary educational resources are available at www.isgenesishistory.com. Purifoy says, “There’s a whole world of retail to be unpacked.”

—Lindsay Williams