Learn how WellVia connected health drives sales

As CBA’s strategic partner, Content Road Media Corporation is developing a larger Christian Retail Only (CROnly) strategy to help you better compete against Internet-only and big-box competition by offering products and services not available elsewhere. The goal positions Christian stores as lifestyle centers and expands offerings into health services and other areas to help reengineer retail profitability.

Free Webinar Reveals the Prescription

A free one-year subscription to WellVia, valued at $99, is included in current and future exclusive-product offerings for CROnly. It offers a great bonus to your customers to encourage impulse purchasing and adds significant value. CBA’s free on-demand helps retailers understand the offer and know how to answer any questions about it.

What is WellVia and Why Should I Care?

As one of the most dynamic companies in healthcare today, WellVia offers members and their families 24/7/365 access to U.S.-based Board certified physicians. As approved by state law, WellVia members speak with bilingual physicians through telephone or video for diagnosis and treatment. ‘Connected health’ reduces office visit costs and gives people anywhere in the country access to quality care in just minutes, regardless of personal work status or whether they have insurance. The non-emergency treatment is for acute medical needs affecting people most frequently, and may include prescriptions.


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