New Film Commission Connects Industries

  • The Film Commission’s purpose is to stimulate quality contemporary media dissemination that reflects the Christian worldview and brings thought leadership that positively influences culture.

Kevin McAfee directs on set during a recent film.

What is it?
  • The Film Commission is a nonprofit initiative that focuses on the business side of moviemaking to support quality Christian-movie development, enhance box office, and promote profitable content distribution.
  • CBA is the hub for Christian content creation, sales, and distribution, connecting storytellers, publishers, product providers, distributors, and retail.
  • CBA and the Film Commission will connect many complementary segments to achieve synergy, innovation, education, and growth.
  • The Film Commission will be a resource for services, expertise, skills, and distribution from retail to theaters.
  • The Film Commission will host training, education, and networking events for all facets of filmmaking, production, and distribution.
Task Force to Meet at UNITE 2017

Leaders and stakeholders to address key issues to boost box office in cooperation with Christian retail network. Email for info.


Who runs it?
  • Dr. Kevin McAfee heads the Film Commission as Film Commissioner.
  • With four decades of marketing, filmmaking, and film producing, McAfee brings experience, knowledge, and connections as a foundation for strategic growth.
  • Read more about Dr. McAfee.