The feature documentary The Samaritan, which was screened at UNITE 2016 in June, has received another honor. At the Modern Conservative London Film Festival (MODCON), the film was selected for its first UK Official Selection. Filmmakers leading the list at MODCON were from the United States, India, Cameroon, Argentina, Spain, and Denmark.

GR Productions and Content Road, the companies behind The Samaritan, will screen the movie on Oct. 8 at the Tryon International Film Festival in North Carolina. Other films in the category include Robert Redford’s PBS-funded documentary American Epic and Brave Miss World from Gregory Peck’s daughter, Cecelia Peck.

The Samaritan is part of the CROnly rollout in 2017. The marketing campaign for the movie will include a strong outreach to churches to connect retail stores as product providers to local churches. Plans also call for a possible theater screening in concert with local stores in promotion and sales.

Content Road plans a quarterly product release schedule with both low price-point premiums and first-run projects for key selling seasons. Products will feature books, music, DVDs, and specialty items to complement retailer product assortments and provide a high margin item not available everywhere.