The Envision the Legacy Banquet caps UNITE 2017 with a prestigious gathering.

Thursday, June 29
7:00 – 8:30 p.m. in Legacy Hall

The seated dinner will feature inspiring awards, a relevant keynote presentation, and thought-provoking entertainment. The banquet extends face time and the opportunity to build business relationships in a new atmosphere.

The event will be set with tables of 10, and an exhibitor will host each table. Tickets are free for retailers and can be selected during registration. Admission will be available only to ticket holders, and the first 300 retailers to sign up will be guaranteed seats. Host exhibitors may fill other seats.

Attire: Business Casual

Award Presentation:
Industry Champion Award
Jim Carlson “Spirit of Excellence Award”
Ministry In Action Award
CBA Lifetime Achievement Award
CBA International Lifetime Achievement Award

Keynote Speaker: Terence Chatmon
Terence Chatmon will discuss how his years in executive roles with Fortune 50 companies forged his spiritual leadership that can help even the smallest companies. A successful senior executive in corporate America, Chatmon has held leadership roles with companies including Johnson & Johnson, Citibank, and Coca-Cola, but he felt he was failing to be the spiritual leader of his home. After much prayer, he took what he knew from his corporate-world success and biblical teaching to develop one of the world’s most transformational step-by-step family spiritual development process. Chatmon is now considered a family legacy champion, and his family discipleship workshop, Charting Your Family’s Spiritual Course, has reached more than 20,000 participating families and continues to grow. He is the president and CEO of Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (, a network of executive leaders spanning more than one hundred countries.

Entertainment: Unmasking the Masquerade On Stage! featuring Rod Robison and Adrian Van Vactor
Unmasking the Masquerade On Stage! uses illusions to help the audience learn how to both unmask the fear in their own lives and elevate their faith. Rod Robison and Adrian Van Vactor are accomplished illusionists, Christian speakers, and apologists who desire to help others learn to spot Satan’s deception and recognize God’s work.

About 15 years ago Robison began researching the topic of the supernatural, troubled by how easily people around the world were deceived and taken advantage of by the simplest of tricks, sleight of hand, the power of suggestion, and many other more elaborate schemes. With the goal of publishing a book that would help liberate people from their fear of the “supernatural” and the fraudulent power of deception, Robison completed his work in 2016, collaborating with Dr. Toby A. Travis, a scholar and highly respected expert on the limits of Satan, and Adrian Van Vactor, a well-travelled and highly skilled Christian apologist. Both are accomplished illusionists and passionate Christian leaders.

Published in 2017 under the Encourage Publishing label, Unmasking the Masquerade boldly reveals the deception behind the supernatural and psychic ability and the limits of Satan.

About the Illusionists:

Rod Robison toured and recorded with pioneer contemporary Christian music band Selah in the 1970s. Later, he helped found two Christian TV stations in Ohio and Michigan before moving on to Christian radio in the late 1980s. A graduate of Cedarville University, today he serves as Chief Advancement Officer at Family Life Radio. Rod has been performing professionally for more than 20 years and is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians.

Adrian Van Vactor worked for many years with Youth for Christ and Campus Crusade for Christ International, through which he received extensive evangelism training as a graduate of CRU’s Communication Center. Adrian also studied at the Billy Graham School of Evangelism. His travels have given him the opportunity to debunk psychic surgeons in South Asia, witch doctors in Africa, and self-proclaimed psychics in many places. Adrian launched Adrian Van Vactor International Ministries in 2003, whose mission is to utilize the art of illusion as a tool to bridge cultural and generational gaps and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ with evidence to all peoples everywhere.

“Unmasking the Masquerade exposes deception and fear for what they are–paralyzing traps that require a supernatural solution.  It’s eye-opening, entertaining, and liberating.”
Dr. Kevin Leman, New York Times best-selling author

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