Get It Local Today! helps grow store traffic. With e-shopping expected to increase this year, Get It Local Today! is a way to capture some of that online shopping traffic and convert it to local Christian-store purchases.

Store participation is necessary for this cooperative industry project to launch this month, in time for Christmas selling. Enrollment is free for this no-risk initiative that directs customers to buy in a local store from publisher websites.

A large number of retailers from across the country caught the vision for Get It Local Today! and enrolled early. The network now includes retailers from Covenant Group, The Parable Group, Munce Group, Logos, church stores, and other indies.

As one retailer said, “It’s a no-brainer, win-win. Why not do it?”

Another said, “Absolutely! How awesome to have people willing to help point folks to us – for NO COST!”

Another said, “Thank you CBA! I’m looking forward to seeing this in action!”

Some of the industry’s top Christian publishers have committed to placing the Get It Local Today! widget at the top of their referral lists above Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others because it sends traffic to Christian stores, it saves their customers shipping costs, and lets customers pick up product today.

But it’s important for more retailers to sign up now so publisher partners have a critical mass of stores to refer their buyers to this Christmas season.

To sign up today, visit: