The skills needed to create a gift shopping experience for your customers can be taught. Join Sherry Morris of Carpentree and independent consultant Val Buick in a free CBA webinar and be inspired by new techniques and strategies that can dramatically change your store using simple and easy-to-do methods. Your store environment makes a big difference and can result in more customer engagement and increased gift sales.

Examples of in-store merchandising by Sherry Morris.

Question from Marie, Logos Christian Bookstore: 
Thank you for providing some ideas for new , inventive displays.
I would have liked to see more of what a small, independent bookstore could do with small spaces and short ceilings.
Also, I find that if my display is too tall, nothing sells because the customer doesn’t feel that they are supposed to “take” anything off of it. What would be suggested?

Answer from Sherry Morris:
Thank you for attending the webinar.  In response to your thoughts about what a small independent store can do, I suggest that you consider how a pyramid can work in the smallest of spaces.  Also, the crate tree ideas can be pared down to a size that fits your needs. With short ceilings and small spaces, you can work can create a homey, intimate feel through vignette merchandising throughout your store.
Good point about the height of a display.  If the display needs to be tall for effect, make sure to have the products up high accessible on lower shelves or a table in front of the display if you are layering.  Otherwise, just make sure the top of every display is within arm’s reach.
Short ceilings I am guessing are maybe about 8-10′ high?  That doesn’t leave room for a lot of overhead props so concentrate instead on creating a good flow that leads the customer around the store with many interesting tabletops and other furniture fixtures as a display. Make sure your slat walls pop and every 4-8′ section is well-defined with a focal point. At Unite we will have some ideas for how to make this more approachable with many shapes and product types.
I hope this helps.  If you have a picture a specific problem area, I will be happy to look at it and make specific suggestions.
Our goal with the facebook contest is not only to look and see how people are implementing the merchandising concepts but also to give stores opportunities to connect with other store owners and managers to collaborate and help other find solutions.  Working together we know we are children of light who can shine in the retail world!

For other great merchandising ideas, view the video above.