As fall peeks over the horizon and hunting season and a new TV season begins, Duck Dynasty returns to the A&E cable network today for its fourth season – a record for the series and the network. And it’s an opportunity for Christian stores to not only become part of the fun but to build a lifestyle “mansumer” strategy to attract and serve more men in the store.

The bearded, bayou-dwelling Robertson family run their multi-million dollar duck call empire from Monroe, LA, and bring a downhome blend of practicality, Southern charm, and a sharp sense of humor. They are unabashed about their faith, their manhood, and family roles.

Michael Turner of New Day Distribution, which has brought a strong line of Duck Dynasty products to Christian stores, said he believes the duck moguls’ phenomenon grew out of their open faith. “They’re real and they are who they are,” Turner said. “It’s not about Scripture on a product, it’s about their lifestyle and what they believe.”

The show and the reality of the family dynamics appeal to men because of the forthrightness and fun. Retailers can get a little wild and experiment with the “Duck Commander” to build a lifestyle appeal to men.

Turner said he and other companies handling Duck Dynasty merchandising are working hard to keep product in stock.

“I never thought I’d see Christian stores ordering duck calls,” Turner said. “But they are.”

The Lifestyle Stories example at ICRS offered one treatment of how to blend the outdoor, camo feel into a product display that catches men’s attention and gives them choices of products that relate to faith and manliness.

Check out the “Mansumer” research and see where else you might build an appeal to the male persona. Consider that more fathers are involved in maintaining the household and being fathers as family priorities. That means more opportunities for Christian stores to serve and become part of the family.

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