Consumers’ around-the-clock access to abundant product information has revolutionized the retail sector. With pervasive digital and mobile technology, shoppers are making more informed decisions than ever. Using online content and data to discover, research, compare, and buy products from anywhere at any time.

For retailers and brands, information is also a game-changer. Retail data analytics can help companies stay ahead of shopper trends by applying customer analytics in retail to uncover, interpret, and act on meaningful data insights, including in-store and online shopper patterns.

How data makes the difference in the ultra-competitive retail sector is part of the discussion at UNITE by leading Data expert Kurtis Ruf. Ruf Strategic Solutions has a long history of supplying some of the nations largest companies with data used to make key product and marketing decisions. Ruf’s company is a leader in ethically mined data using proprietary retail analytics. Ruf is a featured speaker at UNITE 2018 and will show attendees industry specialized data.