In one of the greatest industry revolutions in its more than 66 years, CBA’s strategic alliance with Content Road Media Corporation is helping bring new profit and sales to Christian stores. The alliance has created innovative ways to bring premium and first-run products and competitive pricing to an industry challenged by internet giants and mass discounters who commoditize products and content.

Called Christian Retail Only (CROnly), the initiative will develop special products released quarterly and designed especially for core Christian consumers. These products will range from value-priced premiums to high-value, first edition releases and exclusive-window launches.

CBA President Curtis Riskey says the Christian-retail-only initiative is designed to help Christian stores find new margin and drive new traffic into stores. While products may be sold on store websites, the idea is to have leading authors and artists develop specialized content of high quality especially for the Christian-store network. Because products will be developed with key strategic goals in mind and a strong distribution network to sell it through, greater efficiencies will be realized to benefit retailers and their partners.

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