While CROnly products are intended to help give Christian retailers a competitive advantage, they are part of a bigger goal: repositioning stores as broader ministry and lifestyle centers. The We Will Stand DVD includes a bonus feature with an evangelistic message and a website link where people can get more information, and also a year’s free family membership—valued at $99—in the WellVia wellness service, offering access to telephone medical advice.

Andy Butcher

“We aren’t just about reengineering profitability but also want to bring in technology and systems and processes,” says Content Road Media Corporation founder Kevin McAfee. “That’s what’s going to make a difference in the long term.”

In addition to providing ministry tools, fundamental to the initiative is suppliers giving stores better margin—a move modeled by CRMC, which is “tithing” one in 10 of products ordered back to the store free on top of attractive margins. “We’re selling these products for less so that the stores can make more,” says McAfee, noting that the unorthodox approach born out of CBA strategic planning has won support. “People are rallying around the idea that we are trying to reengineer profitability here.”