The Circle Maker special edition shares readers’ stories of answered prayer.

The Circle Maker by author/pastor Mark Batterson marks its fifth anniversary this year. This powerful text on making prayer circles around that which Christians are most passionate about seeing fulfilled and answered has made a huge impact on both evangelical and secular readerships. When asked why he believes The Circle Maker has so profoundly affected all segments of society, the author replies, “When I wrote The Circle Maker, I honestly wondered if we needed yet another book on prayer. Evidently, the answer was yes! Nothing is more powerful, yet more mysterious, than prayer. Somehow, God has used this book to be a game changer in the way people pray.”


Many readers and publishing/retail professionals muse over the question of what makes a successful crossover title in a post- Christian society. Batterson believes there are several key elements that do indeed “crossover” to all segments of people groups. “My goal as a writer is to say old things in new ways. I want to help people think thoughts they’ve never had before, even on very familiar topics like prayers. I think my use of metaphors from science and history turn the kaleidoscope and help readers see prayer in new ways.” Christians who have already read through the original version of The Circle Maker know firsthand how practical and inspirational the text has proven to be in their own lives. Batterson has now added a bonus chapter to the updated version, which readers (old and new) will find especially helpful.


As Batterson noted above one of his goals is to present old truths with a fresh twist. Thus Christians will look forward to revisiting all they thought they knew about prayer but will be delighted by Batterson’s approach. The author says that today, five years after the publication of The Circle Maker, he believes in the power of prayer more now than ever before. Batterson says, “The more answers to prayer that I experience, the more motivated I am to pray God-sized prayers. I hope readers will have a new revelation of the ripple effect of prayer!”


Along with the increased passion for praying God-sized prayers, some key lessons have developed as well. Batterson has gleaned new insights through the sharing of readers’ answered prayers. “In the past five years, I’ve heard thousands of stories about the bold prayers readers have prayed and the amazing answers God has given them. The fifth anniversary edition captures a few of those stories in the bonus chapter.” Batterson understands that people naturally gravitate toward storytellers and storytelling. In answer to this draw to real life stories, the revised text necessarily includes many more firsthand accounts of answered prayer so that many more readers will find renewed hope and a revitalized prayer life.

As retailers and those in the publishing industry seek to connect potential buyers with The Circle Maker, they can take heart that prayer is one of those timeless topics that every person needs to understand and then apply to his or her own life. Batterson believes that “prayer is one of those subject matters that is ever green. No one ever completely figures it out, and the need to pray never goes away. I think that’s why The Circle Maker continues to resonate with readers. It’s been a word-of-mouth book. So many people have been impacted by its message, and they share the message with their friends and family.”