This Re-Launch includes Get It Local Today’s Reserve Online, Pick Up in Store Tool

The re-launch of the CBA store locator,, will include a new capability for consumers to view product online, reserve, and pick up at a local Christian store.

The cooperative industry initiative, named Get It Local Today, seeks to drive customer traffic to stores while also supporting an omnichannel retailing capability to service consumers how they want to be served—both online and in store.

Using technology pioneered by The Covenant Group, the project enables publishers, suppliers, and authors to refer their website visitors to buy from local Christian stores for immediate pick-up. Ordering online for drop-shipping is available for when a product is not in stock locally. This gives publishers and suppliers an alternative to refer website buyers to Christian stores, not only Amazon or big-box retailers.

Supplier-website referrals can be directed to specific Get It Local Today product pages for purchase through any local Christian store listed on the website.

An added retailer feature is the use of “post-sale credit” technology from the Parable Group. This will enable participating retailers to redeem sale and promotional credits in an automated way from publishers and suppliers for sales initiated from Get It Local Today.

Retailers keep the margin on products sold through Get It Local Today, giving them financial incentives to participate.

The products pages on the Get It Local Today website will list all local Christian stores for which CBA has complete records, but stores with inventory will be listed with priority highlighting. Stores without inventory may be listed, but the selection will be grayed out because inventory status is unknown.

The program is in final stages of development and will launch fall 2017.

To update your information or sign up to participate, please email CBA.