With increasing rates of publisher-direct sales to consumers and consumers’ shift to online shopping, Christian stores need to expand their reach in the digital world. The new Find It Local Today program is an added exposure that can drive traffic and sales to local stores.

Find It Local Today offers consumers at publisher Web sites a link to local Christian stores to purchase products immediately.

More than a dozen leading publishers have agreed to provide the link on their Web pages—some of them offering to place the Christian-store link above existing links to Internet-only retailers and other sources.

Find It Local Today is being jointly promoted by CBA and The Covenant Group to promote all participating Christian stores as trusted and convenient sources for Christian resources and products across the U.S.

About half of the minimum number of participants required to launch has been attained. To learn more about and enroll in the program, visit the Find It Local Today Web page, or e-mail retailers@FindItLocalToday.net.