A revised digital version of the March issue of CBA’s Christian MARKET magazine was sent out this week due to the correction of an error on the Bible Translations & Versions chart.

Please make a note of this correction on the printed chart as well:

The Passion Translation (TPT) Type of Translation should read: Essential equivalence (not “A balanced, vetted translation with Hebrew words and concepts”).

We apologize for any inconvenience this error has caused.

In the March issue of Christian MARKET, explore how publishers and retailers can work together to grow Bible sales through Christian retail stores. Find out what publishers want to know from Christian retail stores to improve Bible marketing and sales—and what stores have to say—plus, see how coming to UNITE 2018 could put your store in front of 1.3 billion shoppers; and get industry updates, trends, profiles, business insights, product intelligence, and much more.

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