War Room (TriStar/AFFIRM Films/Provident Films) expanded from 1,135 screens to over 1,500 locations for the film’s second weekend. The film debuted with an $11.35 million box office weekend.

“The message of War Room is resonating with audiences beyond our hopes or predictions,” said Rich Peluso, senior VP of Affirm Films. “We’re eager to see how the film performs in the new second week locations.”

The film is resonating with audiences who are sharing over social media stories of how War Room has influenced their lives. Additionally, the film has enjoyed media coverage from the Associated Press, Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, and USA Today.

The following is a roundup of War Room in the media:

War Room success: The success of War Room is “just the latest example of the power and box office clout of the faith-based audience.” Dispatch Times

Football to film: War Room star Tony Stallings formerly played pro ball in NFL Europe, Canada, and the Arena league and, in 2004, he won Animal Planet’s King of the Jungle reality competition. The Blade

‘Powered by faith’: War Room is the latest in a long string of modestly budgeted yet disproportionately profitable films “powered by the high-octane fuel of fervent religiosity.” Forbes

Partnering with pastors: Behind War Room‘s popularity is “a deepening partnership between the filmmakers and a network of influential pastors, which delivered millions of viewers without the need for Hollywood’s typical promotion vehicles.” The Washington Post

‘A touching movie’: Faith-based audiences should appreciate War Room, a “touching movie about prayer, redemption, and belief.” Quad City Times

‘Persuasive and potent’: Viewers will “admire the persuasive sincerity and emotional potency of the lead performances” in War Room. Variety

The Christian ‘Spielbergs’: Alex and Graham Kendrick are the “Steven Spielbergs of Christian cinema.” Variety

Church-group specials: A series of special church-group theater screenings for War Room has been arranged. Tallahassee Democrat

Message to Hollywood: War Room‘s strong box office opening is “sending a strong message to Hollywood.” CDANews.com

‘An overwrought drama’: War Room is “a mighty long-winded and wincingly overwrought domestic drama.” Los Angeles Times

Kendricks studio’s first: War Room is Alex and Stephen Kendrick’s first film under their new production company, after making four movies through Sherwood Baptist Church. WALB TV

Cast member profile: A profile of War Room star T.C. Stallings. The Akron Beacon Journal

To learn more, go to WarRoomTheMovie.com.