Bible gender research: Oxford University Press’s new Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Gender Studies “includes, but is not exclusively about, feminist research into the Bible.”

Killing Jesus adaptation: Details of National Geographic’s adaptation of the Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard book Killing Jesus. Broadcast & Cable

New-wave artists: A new generation of artists is breaking out of traditional “Christian”-branded record labels, film distributors, and publishers, and finding success with mainstream audiences. The Huffington Post

‘Surreptitious best-seller’: A skeptical journalist finds unexpected value in Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages, “a surreptitiously steady best-seller for the past 23 years.” Slate

Unbroken‘s back-story: The back-story of Billy Graham’s impact on Unbroken hero Louis Zamperini. The Wall Street Journal

Winter Jam’s ‘Elvis’: Inspirational pop-rock duo for KING & COUNTRY will be doing “Elvis-type” versions of several songs on the Winter Jam tour.

Family supports Unbroken: Unbroken, the movie adaptation of Olympian and WWII Veteran Louis Zamperini’s life “has its flaws, but respect and reverence for the Zamperini’s Christian faith is not one of them.”

Christian music’s ‘evolution’: In the past two decades, Christian music “has evolved into a thriving cultural force.” The Herald-Dispatch

Christian rap grows: Christian rap has become “the fastest growing sub-genre within hip-hop over the last three years.” The Daily Beast

Al Green album: Soul great and pastor Al Green is planning a new Christian album.

Gay ‘indoctrination’ storm: Christian author Larry Tomczak comes under fire for an opinion piece about the “indoctrination and propaganda” which is being created by Hollywood and the media to advocate the “gay lifestyle in our country.” The Huffington Post

‘Buying bestsellers’ debate: Trying to answer the question, Why do Christian authors buy their way onto the New York Times bestseller list? Religion News Service

Author backs literacy: A Christian author’s new book supports local literacy efforts. The Times-News