Religious liberty declining: Most U.S. adults say religious liberty is declining in America and that Christians face more intolerance than ever, according to a new LifeWay Research survey. Religion News Service

Christian music welcome: For KING & COUNTRY’s Joel Smallbone says, “The Christian music genre has been very gracious to us.”

Christian porn summit: Evangelical author Josh McDowell says 1,000 Christian leaders will meet at the Set Free Global Summit, a conference on the dangers of pornography.

Netflix rumor squashed: Netflix is not removing all Christian content due to complaints from Muslims; the rumor is unfounded.

‘Implausible’ faith films: A list of the 10 “most implausible narrative twists of the biblical new wave” of movies.

‘Pep rally’ movie: God’s Not Dead 2 ”isn’t a debate, it’s a pep rally.”

Christian author festival: The second Christian Authors Festival in Virginia Beach, VA, includes a session about “Holy Spirit Inspiration and Writing with God.” The Virginian-Pilot

Kirk Franklin’s influence: Top gospel artist Kirk Franklin “has made more strides than anyone in bridging the gap between gospel music and hip-hop throughout his extensive career.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Movie’s ‘compelling vision’: In Knight of Cups director Terrence Malick has made a movie that “offers its audience a compelling vision of an emphatically Christian outlook on reality.” The Week

Sandi’s farewell tour: Sandi Patty is retiring because “she doesn’t want to be a singer who is recalled as someone whose ability faded before she retired.” The Kansas City Star

Lewis’s unlikely influence: C. S. Lewis was “a most improbable person to become the author of some of the 20th century’s most influential books on Christianity.” Investor’s Business Daily

Newsboys still leading: Helping define the sound of Christian music for more than two decades, Newsboys’ live performances continue to sell out venues across the country. Montgomery Advertiser

‘Bible thumping’ criticism: Too much Bible thumping “bruises the story” of God’s Not Dead 2. Chicago Sun-Times

God in Hollywood: In Hollywood, “God’s not dead.” Catholic World Report

Patty’s faith film: Shortly before her death, Oscar winner Patty Duke filmed a role in the upcoming Christian movie, Power of the Air, scheduled to arrive next year. Rolling Stone

Abide Bible study: Life Bible Study releases Abide, a new study from author and teacher David Platt. Religion News Service

‘Tentpole’ Christian movies: Every few years, studios have tried to release a “tentpole” Christian film—one with a huge budget and major stars that’s meant to finance the studio as a whole—“but these efforts have largely failed.” Brown Political Review