Courageous actor speaks: Actor and filmmaker Kevin Downes, who has worked on more than a dozen Christian films including Faith of Our Fathers and Courageous, was keynote speaker at a National Day of Prayer event. The Sentinel

 Amy stays relevant: Amy Grant has stayed relevant by “staying open and continuing to live life with a sense of adventure.” Billboard

Hillsong United, PR: In many ways, Hillsong United “works as the publicity arm of Australia’s Hillsong Church.” Fresno Bee

Facebook beats Bible: Reading Facebook is more popular than reading the Bible.

Gospel music innovator: Marquis Boone, an Atlanta pastor and “budding music executive,” is gathering a stable of young talent as part of “a disruption of familiar gospel music practices in several ways.” New York Times

 ‘Expanding’ movie industry: Saving Faith is “part of an ever-expanding Christian-themed film industry.” Knoxville News Sentinel

Lecrae’s troubled past: Christian rapper Lecrae was a troubled teen struggling to find his identity as a young man who considered committing suicide, he reveals in his new autobiography.

Tragedy inspires book: Personal tragedy inspired Scott Plummer’s children’s book,The Rabbit That Could Fly, to help parents explain to children when and why they

Movie tsunami: The “tidal wave” of biblical movies is the result of 20 years of promoting the Annual MovieGuide Report to the Entertainment Industry, which shows how to make more money at the box office. The Washington Times