Bible museum preview: A video report on the Museum of the Bible, due to open in 2017. The Daily Mail

Runner girls film: Faith-based movie Remember the Goal, about a Christian girls high school cross country team, will come to theaters next summer. Times-Gazette

Duo’s latest release: While Jenny and Tyler’s latest album, Of This I’m Sure, is less overtly religious than previous offerings, the songs “remain very spiritual.” News Network

Singer’s tough times: Singer Jamie Grace Harper remembers her tough times, “drawing on those painful experiences as a way to serve others.”

POD, Katy Perry: Christian rap-metal band POD talks about its history with Katy Perry. The San Diego Union-Tribune

Free movie screening: A church sponsors a free screening of Woodlawn for local football teams. Clinton Herald

Third Day’s ‘contrast’: New album Lead Us Back “delivers Third Day’s signature Southern flavor… giving the listener a welcome contrast to much of the rest of the genre.” Houston Chronicle

Newsboys still fresh: Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips says that the band’s current sound “is as engaging and inventive as any in the group’s 30-year history.” Daily Record

Teen issues movie: A rising teen actress is cast in Christian film A Life to Love, shot in Canada and aiming to spread awareness about teen depression and suicide. Fenton Tri County Times

Oprah’s Belief endorsed: Christian leaders have endorsed Oprah Winfrey’s new series about faith, despite its “inherently pluralistic message.” The Atlantic

Jesus actor’s message: Actor Bruce Marchiano, best known for portraying Jesus, has turned producer to make the pro-life movie Alison’s Choice: A Film About Life. Live Action News

Faith movies’ success: Low-budget Christian films “show over and over that religion is not box office poison.”

Anti-gun documentary: A pro-life pastor pivots to an anti-gun message in the new documentary The Armor of Light. A.V. Club

Author’s book prophesied: Author Steven Campbell began writing after a traveling minister “prophesied over me that I would be writing a book.” Farmington Daily Times

Danny Gokey’s mission: Singer Danny Gokey supports a “music with a mission” concert. The Modesto Bee