Retailers: Last year, CBA members saved $502,445.83 on their FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground® shipping costs by using the CBA Freight Savings Plan. How much did you save?

Your FedEx discounts apply to inbound and third-party shipments as well as outbound shipments. To take full advantage of the program, when you order bibles, books, clothing, art or gifts for your store, make sure you tell your supplier how you want your order to be shipped. This allows you to enjoy your CBA Freight Savings Plan discounts.

For ground shipping, tell your supplier to ship via FedEx Ground® COLLECT or Bill Recipient. For expedited delivery, choose FedEx Express and give the supplier your account number.

If your supplier needs written routing instructions, go to, fill out the FedEx Routing Orders document and send it to your supplier. If you have questions, or need help to set up your inbound shipments, call Siriani at 1-800-554-0005.

For free enrollment in the CBA Freight Savings Plan, go to If you’ve already enrolled and have questions, call Siriani at 1-800-554-0005 or e-mail

For eligible FedEx® services and rates, contact your freight savings program provider, Siriani & Associates. All FedEx shipments are subject to the applicable FedEx Service Guide. FedEx service marks used by permission.