CBA is committed to the development and retail distribution of Christ-honoring resources. Our membership is comprised of those who produce and distribute Christian materials. We believe that these products represent some of the most effective tools for communicating God’s message to individuals throughout the world.

Recognizing that our Association is a vital link in the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we desire to establish a standard of conduct within our industry which, when followed, will help ensure the integrity of the Christian product industry and our Association. Therefore, we hereby adopt the following Code of Ethics:

With acknowledgement and affirmation of my accountability to God, to civil authority, and to my fellow laborers in the Christian product industry, I pledge that I will:

  • Deal honestly with creditors, debtors, customers, suppliers, employees, contractors, and others with whom I conduct business.
  • Honor and fulfill my agreements and commitments to those with whom I do business.
  • Promptly pursue resolution of any dispute, which I may have with any CBA member or with the Association itself.
  • Support our Association and conduct myself in a manner, which will bring credit to the Association and to the industry.
  • Endeavor to treat those with whom I do business in the manner that I would have them treat me.